J.Morgan Puett born in 1957, is known as one of the world’s first influential conceptual artists, but i would say she is one of the world’s first stylists.

Her childhood reminiscence of home life in rural Georgia flavors many aspects of her work, which straddle the lines of fashion, architecture, and fine art. The daughter of a third generation beekeeper and painter respectively, Morgan’s work focuses on clothing design/textile and costume history as well as the recreation of milieus that recollect her well-worn southern rural heritage; the subject of her store on East 5th Street, Broome Street, and Wooster Street in New York, NY. Puett launched her career with the creation of her own designer label (J. Morgan Puett) and accompanying Soho (NY) retail fashion house.

These are some of her installations…

Broome Street Store

Wooster Street Store

Chicken Coop Shack Installation

Mildred Lane Porch


~ by Rohini on Wednesday, July 9, 2008.

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