Countdown to New York 16 days to go…Bleecker Street

‘Thirty dollars pays your rent, on Bleecker Street’…goes the iconic song titled ‘Bleecker Street’ by Simon and Garfunkel – you’d be hard pushed to get a cab from on end to the other for that these days! Bleecker Street is a famous street in Manhattan. The street is a spine that connects the neighborhood popular today for music venues and comedy but was once a major center for American bohemia.

Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen, The Velvet Underground, Woody Allen, Joan Rivers and Bill Cosby all began their careers in a club on Bleecker.

When we visit New York, we stay with my family who live on Bleecker Street, their apartment is on the 17th floor of a block overlooking the NYU campus. I love Bleecker Street – made up of impressive red brick edifices populated with cool cafes and bars. The famous Magnolia Bakery sits at one end whilst a walk down to its middle leads you into the heart of Greenwich Village and the other side takes you straight out onto the gloriously mad Broadway – what more could anyone want from a street?



~ by Rohini on Wednesday, December 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Countdown to New York 16 days to go…Bleecker Street”

  1. i want to come, i don’t want to go to damp cornwall form christmas anymore …..xoxo

  2. I love Bleecker St as well, go to John’s Pizzeria, best pizza ever and tell them I said hello. I’m coming with you by the way so tell Dave he has to stay here. Sorry for him!! xx

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