Something Borrowed…

I never really thought of myself as a wedding kind of gal – I never had dreams of the big day and the dress and the ceremonies that so many girls talk of having from when they were young. Wedding magazines and the wedding obsession that ensues once announced has always made me feel slightly queasy. Also I guess because I have been influenced by a mix of cultures a wedding was never really a black or white thing for me – so i couldn’t quite see it.

However, when my boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend announced their engagement this Sunday – a wedding lightswitch went on!

When I got to my computer after the announcement – i began browsing my favourite Design Blog DesignSponge, where over the last couple of months creator Grace had been blogging about her impending wedding and although her posts were interesting – they kind of washed over me. But NOW with a wedding in our midst – i’ve been inspired how creative and unique someone can make a wedding – it’s a chance to express yourself!!! Weddings dont just have to be stiff and formal and regimented…there’s a whole WORLD of possibilities out there!

I began to find all these modern design led wedding blogs whose ideas are so achieveable and non-threatening that frankly they wouldnt look out of place at a dinner party. Blogs such as Martha Stewart Weddings, Brooklyn Bride, and  Project Wedding.

Here are a few of my favourite decorating ideas.

THIS one is my absolute favourite – elegance eclectic with all the chandeliers and a laid back attitude in the outdoors.

Martha Stewart

This idea is so simple but striking with the cost effective paper lanterns.


I love the style of photography in these next two images.



The round bundles of green and white foliage handing from the tents are so unusual and the lanterns made from jars on trees feel so organic.


Brooklyn Bride


~ by Rohini on Friday, January 9, 2009.

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