We’re going to a friend’s for dinner tonight and i’m going to get some flowers, as of course it’s the done thing, but also because our hostess particularly loves them.. So i’m going to go pick some from our local florist The Flora which i’ve not had the chance to buy anything from as yet but they do some quirky flowers so i’m excited to go explore!

I’ve been particularly inspired by flowers this week as Design Sponge featured a guest blog entry by florist Sarah Ryhanen of flower and soap shop Saipua in Brooklyn…which got me browsing Saipua’s flower arrangements.

I just love how they look so natural and wild, i don’t think i’ll ever be able to arrange flowers in the same static way again. The last three images include the Anemone Coronaria also known as a Poppy, which i never knew comes in shades  of white, blue, pink and of course red! How beautiful does the blue/black center look inside the white flower? Like a drop of black die spreading in water.






~ by Rohini on Saturday, January 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Flora”

  1. this is beautiful Ro – fits in so well with your previous of wedding settings.x

  2. those flowers are so incredible, i don’t know whether to eat them or cry into them.

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