Ants on my spoon…

Once upon a time when i had dreams of curating my own online store, i knew that i would stock Bailey Doesn’t Bark‘s hugely imaginative collection. Having briefly blogged about their products before i wanted to find out a bit more about the brand. It’s founder Re Jin Lee, originally from Brazil, but now based in New York Re Jin creates humourous designs in paper and porcelain. Re Jib lives with her most loyal companion and the company’s namesake Bailey…who incidentally doesn’t bark : )

Her newest designs are so creepy but pretty – who would have thought ants would make such a lovely pattern?

Ants on my Spoon $12 each

Ants on my Spoon

Ants on my spoon

Ants on my Creamer and Sugar Bowl $45 for the pair


Ants on My Cup $30 each



~ by Rohini on Monday, January 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ants on my spoon…”

  1. Wouldn’t be able to drink from this cup! Seen too many ants !!

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