Cosy Day

Today was a drizzly day in Wanstead, my mum and her friend Carol came to visit for lunch. I live right on our high street so we scuttled to The Cuckfield across the road for lunch (which does the best roasts on weekends and has the sweetest garden open in the summer serving BBQ’ed food and Strawberry beer).

After lunch we stopped by at our local delicatessen – The Larder (which is literally a larder, with shelves stacked to the brim with biscuits, wine, cheese, beer, pastas etc) for gooooood coffee and to stock up on organic snacky provisions. Whenever we have people over for lunch on a weekend we splash out on a tasty dessert from there. Our favourite are their home made chocolate covered nougat squares with all sorts of other wonderous surprises inside…at £3.50 a square its a luxury but worth it!

Larder Bread

The Larder

The Larder


~ by Rohini on Wednesday, January 28, 2009.

One Response to “Cosy Day”

  1. see it’s the best isn’t it! was the cute boy working there, he is my future husband!

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