Ashes and Milk

Ashes and Milk…what a beautiful coupling of words…i recently spoke to Nikko the owner of this unique online gallery and she told me the name ‘Ashes and Milk’ emerged from her love of texture and natural materials. Ashes consist of dusty fine particles of grey and black while milk is creamy white and liquid. Symbolically ashes represent the end of something while milk represents new life.

Her online gallery reflects artists and work that mirrors these organic qualities. I love the design of her site, it reminds me of hours spent as a child exploring a bohemian aunts dressing table, fingering semi-precious stone necklaces, and running my hands over trinkets, opening its wooden drawers and discovering mementos.

Some beauties i’m dreaming of arranging on my own dresser are Helen Beard’s porcelain bird cups, Yosinori Yamamoto’sbeautiful clay egg shell bowls, Yoran Morvant’s intricate patterned stones, and Mori Kawa’s laquered bamboo spoons.



~ by Rohini on Saturday, January 31, 2009.

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