It’s been a while my friend…

Ikea has always been one of my favourite shops for well designed basics for the home – a simple bowl or vase with good lines just whip me into a frenzy – i think i might be quite mental. Where someone else would see a basic white bowl or a coloured tumbler – i see a resiliant, timeless Scandi inspired classic – like OTE Glassware and beautifully designed cutlery inspired by Antonio Citterio. I haven’t been back for such a long time but on my next trip these babies are going in my trolley!

These Plocka Egg Cups £1.56 for a 2 pack are so simple and modern.


Sweet Syntes Skiss small pastel bowls 97p for 2 – for dips and treats.


These Havtorn handcrafted vases for £6.84 each look really modern, masculine and timeless.


These Forma serving bowls £2.53 are a good size to serve small side dishes in, earthy veggies and garnished potatoes would look tasty inside!


I love these 365+ Deep Plates £3.91 each – these are so ‘bistro chic’ and i think any food would feel decadent in these simple deep delicious bowls. My inauguration dish would be an oozy seafood risotto.



~ by Rohini on Friday, February 13, 2009.

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