Late Nights at the V&A

Every last Friday of every month the V&A stays open after hours and holds an alternative evening of exhibitions, with live performances, cutting-edge fashion, debates, one-off displays, special guests, guest DJs and a bar serving drinks and food.

This month the late night centres around Interiors – i am really excited! There’s a ‘Murder at the V&A Mansion’ game on offer which allows you to explore the deepest corners of the V&A to solve the mytery…there will be talks on what happens when a house becomes a museum, films featuring Tom Hanks and Carey Grant on how not to build Hollywood mansions (!) and workshops with design collectives. I’ve never been before and wonder if i’ll get to try them all…


~ by Rohini on Thursday, February 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Late Nights at the V&A”

  1. That sounds brilliant, I hope you will write a piece on that!
    I have been once to the V&A, with my sisters, and I have this memory of my sister Anita trying on the red japanese “kimono”
    (Geisha like)let hanging there for visitors to try on…. What a laugh!!
    Bye for now.

  2. That sounds like so much fun Aline – i love that our contemporary culture encourages such interaction…i can see why museums used to be such formal unappealing places in the past.

  3. […] the Scenes at the Museum On Friday, we ventured along to the aforementioned ‘Late Night at the V&A’. The atmosphere after hours was exciting and it felt really naughty and special to be in the museum […]

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