It’s not just any Summer Fete…

Yesterday Alexo and i popped along to the M&S summer interiors press preview. It was so much fun!

It was themed along the lines of an English Summer Fete, bright colours, an array of summery fizzy cocktails, sea-side style entertainers blowing balloons and wearing old fashioned swimming costumes! As always the waiters and waitresses were lovely and friendly, serving tiny versions of British classics – Scampi and Chips, Fish and Chips, Mini Pasties, Popcorn Cones and an abundance of cupcakes. The collection wasn’t bad either! Some great bright cushions in leafy prints, shiny candy-coloured holdalls and some beautiful summer furniture pieces will be hitting the stores come spring.

A great afternoon and just what was needed to brighten up a dreary Febuary day – executed in the true polished M&S style. Thanks team! : )

(this post’s for Mummy and C –  they wouldn’t have been able to contain themselves)





~ by Rohini on Friday, February 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s not just any Summer Fete…”

  1. […] became over-excited like at past M&S press shows where the cookie-cutter perfection and effortless small touches overwhelm me. The old cafe […]

  2. […] pomegranate dressing and cauliflower fritters with chilli dip. No where NEAR as exciting as their Summer Fete, but then I guess nothing is after you’ve been exposed to waitresses in old-fashioned […]

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