Golden, golden sticky syrup yum! Why does it get everywhere…on all surfaces, door handles, computer keys, the floor…delicious but mischevous!

I HAVE to have maple syrup on my pancakes and Dave will only touch the classic sugar eand lemon. How do you eat yours?



~ by Rohini on Tuesday, February 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Golden”

  1. golden syrup & clotted cream on big fat slices of white bread….it’s called thunder & lightening & i love it! it’s been one of my most favourite treats since i was a kid!
    lyle’s golden syrup i love you !

  2. i prefer savoury …maybe with streaky bacon,bechamel sauce, a touch of golden ( so lightly sweet)..folded & lightly baked!

  3. Morgan – i don’t even think there are any pancakes involved in your one!!!

  4. no mine doesn’t….but it does include golden syrup….so it’s 50% related to your post…..ok so i like my pancakes with bitter chocolate sauce or savoury with ham / cheese and egg…that is more the Breton way to eat crepes, but i think you can apply it all pancake related issues

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