Afternoon Delight

This is the culmination of my hunt for red velvet cupcakes (for now). A sunny day in South Kensington and a long overdue catch up with a friend led me to an opportune tea and cupcake combo at the Hummingbird Bakery.

The counter was peppered with snowy, swirly, frosted cupcakes but i only had eyes for one – and clearly the most popular…the red velvet cupcake!!! There it was, row after row of red and white promising perfection…but then my eyes caught another display at the end of the counter…giant CAKE versions of cupcakes…Red Velvet CAKE. I hurriedly ordered a slice and a cup of tea and my eyes grew wide as saucers as they served up a slice fit to be deemed as my lunch!  I grabbed my cake and rushed off greedily to consume…perfection.

Light moist cake with a hint of mocha and a glam ruby red allure, with oodles of not too sweet cream cheese frosting. Amazing – and so filling i ran out of tea and even had to leave a bit! I tried so hard to eat it all. ♥ I love you red velvet cake ♥



~ by Rohini on Sunday, March 1, 2009.

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