Behind the Scenes at the Museum

On Friday, we ventured along to the aforementioned ‘Late Night at the V&A’. The atmosphere after hours was exciting and it felt really naughty and special to be in the museum after dark!

Having not been to a late night before, I have to say it was spectacularly confusing…we were given a schedule of events in the entrance which all had overlapping times and it seemed we had to go get tickets (free) for each of the events you wanted to see or take part in…so some were ticketed and some were fine to wander in and out. By the time we had worked out what we wanted to do the tickets had run out and the un-ticketed events had already begun…so we stopped for some dinner in the grand V&A cafe whilst we figured things out.

The only viewing we had managed to grab tickets for was a talk on dust…

We found ourselves in the quiet V&A library huddled in a group around a bookish looking young lady who began to talk about dust in historic libraries…at first it was hard to keep a straight face as she spoke about different kinds of dust, ancient dust (she passed around a bag with said dust in) and new dust which is more alkaline than ancient dust. The subject was so mundane it became funnily interesting. She showed us implements she used to clean the dust off books with and spoke wittily about the causes of dust…and so many things you can discover just by examining dust…for example did you know that the dust found in National Trust properties contain an extremely high percentage of tweed!

Having not succeeded particularly in our late night endeavors, we wandered the museum grounds, majestic in the dark and explored the rest of the museum rooms made all the more enchanting and ghostly in the night-time.




~ by Rohini on Sunday, March 1, 2009.

One Response to “Behind the Scenes at the Museum”

  1. i lovedthe dust lady!

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