A Food Revolution

“You are now the owner of a new Kenwood Chef. From today food preparation is going to take on a new meaning and the time you have to spend in the kitchen preparing meals and baking will be cut by hours.” (Kenwood Chef Instruction and Recipe Book. Edition No.15)

I returned last night from visiting David’s grandparents with this vintage Kenwood Chef mixer! Funnily enough that day, I had been looking on Amazon for a mixer, bringing up results of Retro Reproduction mixers way out of my budget – I couldn’t be more thrilled now that I know have an original! The instruction manual details all the attachments you can get to go with the mixer; A Dough Hook, A Coffee Grinder, A Juice Separator, A Mincer, A Sausage Filler, A Slicer and Shredder, A Juice Extractor, A Bean Slicer and Pea Huller (!) A Liquidiser, A Cream Maker, A Can Opener, and A Potato Peeler!!! 70’s entertaining at it’s finest!

It’s still in good condition but hadn’t been used in years and I found myself merrily cleaning away 30 years of birthday, wedding and anniversary cakes : )

Will keep you updated on my cooking progress! I love my version’s mellow yellow bowl.



~ by Rohini on Wednesday, March 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Food Revolution”

  1. you lucky girl! x

  2. i cannot wait to get mixing with that beast of a peice of machinery!

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