I ♥ Wanstead in the Springtime

After months of whinging how I am now a ‘permanent freelancer’ and never have anyone to have lunch with and no one to ask how my evening was in the morning rituals of being part of a team…I am suddenly loving all this ‘me time’. Not having left the house for the last 3 months (apart from the odd meeting/propping/lunching) due to the continuous PJ wearing writing of my Design Guide (which I am now half a day away from finishing) I decided to treat myself and leave the house!!!

I sat in our local park which, is 20 steps (to be precise) away from our flat  – and read my current book Mistress of the Art of Death (light reading?), I watched all the dogs and kids, and enjoyed a chocolate croissant and a coffee from across the road. On the way home, I walked past the little church inside the park which was also looking so pretty in the sun with its bright blue door and daffodils that have sprung up – it looks like someone’s house.

Then I walked down our street to our flat and saw some houses that I might not mind living in forever…

Now all this waxing lyrical  may stem from being cooped up for a loooong time, but for the first time in a while I have felt truly content! Life’s not bad at all when you live in Wanstead : )





~ by Rohini on Wednesday, March 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “I ♥ Wanstead in the Springtime”

  1. Lovely pics, Roh. Wanted to zero in on the book and read a random line. Next time?

  2. love the church!!!

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