Young London

I been slowly but surely making my way through  London the Biography and have learnt so many enlightening things! One thing that has struck me the most is of the life expectancy of 16th Century London (or for that matter the rest of the world) The average Londoner lived to be 30.

Can you imagine a world where everyone was young? I know history’s ways and cultures were substantially different from our own and that we can accept – but this yound London struck me as something from a strange parallel universe or sci-fi movie.

How did anyone prosper or reach their goals? Who took on the senior roles in life? Doctors? Lawyers? Scientists??? How did people fall in love?

On the other hand Ackroyd says that’s why the London of then was such a young London, full of activity and life and energy…

Tudor London


~ by Rohini on Sunday, March 22, 2009.

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