Au Natural

Yesterday, David’s back was giving him trouble so we went for a long walk around Epping Forest. Now, I am not a nature gal and get pretty irritable if a long walk doesn’t involve a pavement and coffee shops – there’s just something about endless hills and too much grass that tires me out. I like the idea of nature and parks, but something about having to walk on natural terrain just turns me into a bitching, whining, feet dragging four-year old. I guess it feels like a ‘hike’ to me, which is not my scene.

Anyway, strangely I enjoyed the bits that involved jumping over muddy squelchy patches and negotiating ditches (hmm again perverse behaviour reserved for small children). I also liked the watery bits in the woods. We sat and ate salt beef sandwiches and drank apple juice, then I found a pretty stick and we went home : )








~ by Rohini on Saturday, March 28, 2009.

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