Saturday Morning Reads

I am literally in ecstasy. I may be a bit slow to catch on to this, but I have just discovered a system called Google Reader. Anyone can use this, but I am especially overjoyed because as a Gmail account holder of many years, Google Reader appears on my Gmail dashboard next to my Mail, and Calender tabs.

Google Reader lets you add as many blogs, news sites, anything with regular updates to your account and each morning when you open up, feeds you updated posts from your favourite sites. No clicking, no navigating, just a long morning read to wake up with and a large cup of Jo!

This Saturday morning I am happily spending my morning in bed with my laptop and a pot of coffee beside me, catching up on blog surfing and i’m not getting out till 12! Ahh the simplicty of life.


~ by Rohini on Saturday, March 28, 2009.

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