La Collectionistas

I am really into grouped imagery right now – like 3191 (see previous post) who’s evocative diptychs captivate me. I’ve just discovered ‘La Collectionistas’ a studio based in Barcelona who create – you’ve guessed it – beautiful collections of moments in time.

What times of day do they remind you of?

See them here and here




~ by Rohini on Monday, April 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “La Collectionistas”

  1. That’s when I read article like this one that I realise I am so “not artistic”. I really do not see the beauty in these pictures, they do not evoke anything in particular to me, and I’m just thinking oh my god I could do so much better, which of course is not the case …But it is also true that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”……well, maybe it is just that I find it all so “superficial” and “not important”. Anyway, sorry to be so negative…..just expressing myself…..

  2. Hmm…Aline – I suppose it is all about what the individual appreciates and comes down to taste I guess. I see nothing amazing about a Picasso although thousands rave about his work right? I suppose it’s just like that.

    I may swoon over a vase and a friend might hate it – only to discover after I’ve explained about the process that goes into making it – the story, the designer’s past works that she might begin to appreciate it a fraction of what I do.

    I like this style of photography because of the other similar works that I have seen recently – it is a style of ‘lifestyle reportage’ that is really popular in the interior design industry right now – a kind of voyeurism – a peek into others lives – argh – I sound like some of my Photography Degree Lecturers who I remember thinking were really pretentious!

    To explain it a bit better – they are not for eg. constructed photography images – they are mundane images of the photographers surroundings – so its beauty in the simple things. And yes anyone can do it – that’s also the beauty…

    Hope that helps explain a little better! x

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