Old Friend

Having been a Marks and Spencer’s connoisseur for over 15 years, courtesy of Mama Wahi and her BFF, and also a Stylist who is privy to behind the scene glimpses of many brand giants, I have to say that M&S is decidedly one of my favourites.

Professionals and perfectionists from staff and products to campaigns and press offices, everything about this great British Brand makes me proud! So when I learned that M&S were opening up a new concept cafe in my hometown I was eager to get home and try it out.

Popping in for brunch on a Friday with Mama Wahi and said BFF, I couldn’t believe my eyes; English Summer unrolled before me in the form of scrawled menu’s on blackboards, floral print trays, hefty sandwiches freshly prepared and displayed on chunky wood blocks, fresh summer juices lined up in tempting vintage style glasses. Hot food was also available in the form of hearty English Breakfasts and bubbling soups.

Seating was vintage inspired and tables adorned with glass bottles full of daffodils, and upon ordering each table was assigned with a numbered milk bottle engorging a single English Rose.

I became over-excited like at past M&S press shows where the cookie-cutter perfection and effortless small touches overwhelm me. The old cafe institution that I had frequented for half my life immediately felt dated and frumpy – THIS was the brand I have grown to love in my youth, a brand that had grown with me – clever old M&S updating the old and welcoming its new generation of devotees! : )






~ by Rohini on Sunday, April 26, 2009.

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