Late Night Snack

Late night snacks for me are always a savoury meal. I could easily grab a toasty wholewheat bagel with smoked salmon and lashings of pepper and lemon…or ribbons of linguine with garlic, olive oil, enought passata just to coat the dish and a brave smattering of chilli flakes. These after hours snacks often consist of random items found in the larder and always belong to other parts of your day. Poor late night snack – no traditional meal to call it’s own : (

So when I saw this In the Kitchen With:Chicken Hash with Fried Eggs on Design Sponge I knew it would make a perfect late tidbit! It’s essentially a ton of tasty leftovers shallow fried and topped off with a large farmhouse egg. I do believe I have some eggs and left over chicken in the fridge, and a small potato in the cupboard. I’m off!

What do you snack on?

Chicken Hash


~ by Rohini on Tuesday, May 5, 2009.

One Response to “Late Night Snack”

  1. i love breakfast food for dinner or late night snacking, too. toast with fancy jam is good. and this is probably bad to admit, especially for someone who loves to cook, but a bowl of Special K cereal tastes sooo good after a late night out.

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