Some Thoughts…

I tried to write this last night but my internet connection was determined to ruin my evening. I was trying to tell you that I had baked squash and linconshire sausages from our local butchers for dinner (seems a bit pointless now…sounded a lot more exciting last night.)

Also we are now the proud owners of this Electrolux cylinder cleaner, which is the Russian doll baby of this GOD of vacuum cleaners. The Electrolux Ultrasilencer is one of the world’s quietest vacuum cleaners, and is inspired by Electrolux’s Scandi roots.

I have a major crush on well-designed appliances. If I was Elizabeth Bennet the Ultasilencer would be my Mr.Darcy……..ok that sounds a bit wrong!

Anyway, after that random post, I am off to the M&S A/W Homewares preview. Will post pictures when back. Can’t wait!


~ by Rohini on Wednesday, May 20, 2009.

One Response to “Some Thoughts…”

  1. That is wrong! But I see where you’re going with it. Xx

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