London I Love You

Last week when I returned from Calcutta, David took me out for a special day in another great city… London! Needless to say London is WONDERFUL in the summertime, its cafes and restaurants bustle invitingly like some charming Riviera get-away whilst the mighty Thames glints all-seeing in the blazing sun. Walking across Waterloo Bridge alone got me excited, as the history of the city positively resonated around us. Living in London I never get tired of imagining whos hundred year old footsteps I am walking in and I constantly imagine myself in some History Channel documentary where the camera zooms away from me and rewinds back the years to where I am standing (crazy I know)! The summer just intensifies this feeling.

Given my passion for London I was nearly sick with excitement when Dave led me up to the Harvey Nichols Restaurant at the Oxo Tower. The Oxo Tower is a taaaaall building on the South Bank of the Thames. The building has a set of design shops on the ground and first floors. The breathtaking restaurant on the 8th floor of the Tower has mind-blowing views of the length of the Thames and London’s architecture (i love how the restaurant’s glass walls reflect the view so organically). I was so happy!

The weather was amazing and so was the food. We had a rare beef salad to start and then Dave had Thai Seabass and I had the Moroccan Lamb with chorizo mash accompanied by cold beer and Pimms. The view alone was worth it. Thanks Dave! : )







~ by Rohini on Monday, July 6, 2009.

One Response to “London I Love You”

  1. ohhh i tried to get Seb to take me there the other day as we were walking past after wandering Borough market! it’s pretty amazing isn’t it, the food looks gorgeous!!!

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