Yesterday was too good a day to stay in and work so we wandered around Brick Lane and Spitalfields taking in the sun. I stopped off at some amazing shops on Brick Lane that were like pieces of art themselves…Comfort Station which sells modern Victoriana inspired jewellery all displayed in Bell Jars and old suitcases, Luna and Curious a bright white shop brimming with curious gifts and Mar Mar Co selling Danish design delicacies!

We stopped off for an early supper at St.John’s Bread and Wine in Spitalfields…for good old plain British fare inspired by the ‘make-do and mend’ era. The interiors are beautiful and Jane Eyer-esque (sombre). Please excuse the camera-phone images, I wanted to capture the moment but didnt have my usual camera. We ate Smoke Mackrel and Pickled Red Cabbage, Potted Pork and Pickles and Stinking Bishop and Potatoes (an oozy cheese with boiled potatoes and spring onions).

St Johns

St Johns



~ by Rohini on Friday, August 21, 2009.

One Response to “Spitalfields”

  1. good choice for Supper! i hope you didn’t have the appallingly bad waitress we had! x

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