The Beat That My Heart Skipped: Curios

September has snuck up on us so stealthily! How did that happen??? However grim, that snuggly autumnal feeling has invaded my conscious and I find myself watching atmospheric Victorian dramas on TV – Desperate Romantics, Wuthering Heights…reading deliciously dark books that require the accompaniment of endless pots of tea…

So it is no surprise that my September trend seems to be influenced by characterful curios resonant of a more sombre time but humorously so. September I embrace you! (However, I find myself in the dusty Nevada desert at the end of this month…completely putting a spanner in the works for mentally adjusting to a Dickensian winter!)


[1] Concrete Lightbulb Lamp £49 [2] Scissor Letter Opener $40 [3] Wooden Bricks $5 each [4] Brass Pipe Candlestick $84 [5] Honesty Stamp £15 [6] Wooden Yo Yo $32 [7] Four eyes USB stick $30


~ by Rohini on Tuesday, September 1, 2009.

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